Who We Are!

NI Construction Corp. is a privately owned business based in New York City since 2005. We have successfully satisfied hundreds of residential and commercial customers in the metropolitan area. At NI Construction we believe that remodeling your apartment/home shouldn’t be a hassle, and that is why we go above and beyond to release the burden from our customers.

Our customers consider NI Construction to be a fair and competitive business in our line of work. We believe in talking to each and every customer while working with them to figure out ways that best satisfy their goals and budget. With a combined total of over a quarter of a century experience, NI Construction Corp. has been servicing New York since 2005.

Our unique qualities of customer satisfaction have paid exponentially even during hard economical times in the industry. Our process of a fair and hassle free construction service has tremendous success. NI Construction holds strong beliefs and principals that have successfully guided us for years past and will guide us for years to come.

Our Promise :

  • We put your satisfaction as our main priority.
  • We will be the solution not the problem.
  • We will work together with our customer to achieve their goals.
  • We will work with customers on every project from the beginning to the end.
  • We will always provide information that will best benefit our customers.
  • We promise to make these changes as smooth and as easy as possible.


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